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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 15:46:41 on June19,2004

    Entry number 126331

    keyword=new PC Voltages after Run 2284

    Set new PC voltages after Run 2284 based on how hard the IA cell
    was working. The IA cell averaged (with beam on) about 3.95 V. Using
    the previously measured IA slope (-154 ppm/V) and the fresh PITA
    slope (13.2 ppm/V), I changed PITA by 12.25 Volts
    New PC voltages (IHWP = IN, RHWP = 6500) Pos = 3.551, Neg = 7.038
    I don't know why this was necessary just after the PITA measurement.
    I'm hoping that this is not impacted by Hall C beam.