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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 09:16:41 on June20,2004

    Entry number 126405

    keyword=L-arm dipole woes

    07:20 L-arm dipole quenched at full current (~1000 A, p = 3.009 GeV)
    It took 20 min for the M3/M4 OverTemp to clear.
    Tried to ramp up, got to 300 A and it quenched.
    End run 2308, Run 2309 started.
    Tried to ramp up again, this time going slowly (10 A increments)
    as I've heard Javier did before.  This time it reached 240 A
    and dropped to zero without any system failure (no quench).
    Ramping again ... REALLY slow this time (10 A / minute).
    Got to 192 A and lost control -- it drops to zero (no quench).
    Called Todd (tech-on-call).
    He said he will come in to reset the dipole power supply in the hall.
    Unrelated, Q1-RHRS trips at 9:10.  We call for access.