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    User name stevensm

    Log entry time 14:00:40 on June20,2004

    Entry number 126413


    keyword=Dipoles & Q1's losing liquid

    About 8 hours ago the temperature of the 4.5K helium supply to the hall went up from 4.9K to 5.2K. At that time right Q1 lost liquid helium, but the other magnets were O.K. About 2 hours ago (11:44 A.M.) the supply temperature went from 5.2K to 5.4K, and the other Q1 and both dipoles were affected. There was no change in supply pressure to the hall, or any other change that I know of. Why the supply temperature changed is a mystery. I called for the duty Cryo tech to respond. Mark Stapleton returned my call, and he is looking into the problem.

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