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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 09:43:48 on June23,2004

    Entry number 126669

    keyword=Alum bgr. part 3

    More on aluminum backgrounds.

    This is a followup to
    halog 126314   and  
    halog 126403.

    The issue here is what is the character of the aluminum background ?
    Is it only the tail of the Q.E. peak, or is there also elastic and
    low-lying inelastic events ? World data can answer, but also we
    answered by moving the elastic peak off the HAPPEX detector and
    studying it with scint. trigger data. Fig 1 shows the result
    for Carbon for comparison, it is run 1117. We see the C12 elastic
    and 2 well-known inelastic states (though one can quibble about the
    systematics of the level spacing at the 0.3 MeV level). In contrast
    for run 1144 for Aluminum dummy cell, we see no strong evidence of
    the elastic nor any inelastic levels (full statistics of that run),
    see bottom two panels of fig 1. Perhaps there is a nub of elastic.
    This will give us an upper bound. Under normal running conditions
    the region of Alum elastic is in the detector or near its edge.

    FIGURE 1