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    User name J. Cahoon

    Log entry time 01:59:32 on June26,2004

    Entry number 126899

    keyword=Run 2418 Profile Scanner Potentiometer Woes

    Bryan and I were watching the scan as it was running on Darcy's rad 3d plot macro and not long after starting position readouts from the left side started spazzing out. Right side worked perfectly and produced a beautiful picture of the stripe. The problem seemed to be with the y potentiometer so after the scan was over I moved the scanner up and down a few centimeters while watching the the readouts on Bryan's happex macro. The left potentiometers are not responding linearly at all at this time and changes in Y are making inverse changes in X. With both axes parked (i.e. at the same position) I compared the readouts between the Left and Right sides. The X axes are resting at about the same number of channels ~11k but there is almost a factor of ten difference between the Y axes (the right side being at ~60k and the left at 7.3k channels). The Umass/Smith group needs to look into this issue.