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    User name H. Benaoum

    Log entry time 09:22:53 on June26,2004

    Entry number 126942

    keyword=lumi widths vs Current for 20cm LH2 with 3.5x3.2 mm raster and Fan Speed = 60 Hz

    Normalized asymmetry widths after regression for lumis ( blumi2 is not shown here) versus the current for the 20cm LH2 target with 3.5x3.2 mm raster size and Fan Speed 60 Hz are plotted below. We see that at 30uA, all the lumis have approximately the same width which is less than 200ppm. 
    PS : blumis are the forward lumis ( 7m from the target and small angle). 
         flumis are close to target with large angle. 

    FIGURE 1