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    User name Humensky

    Log entry time 02:21:59 on June28,2004

    Entry number 127166

    keyword=Hall A BCM plots from runs 2485, 2476

    Below are plots of the Hall A bcms (and one injector bcm) from runs 2485 and 2476, plotted on a logy scale.  Run 2485 has the large tails on the Hall C charge asymmetry and an rms of 3500ppm; run 2476 lacks those tails and has a Hall C asym width of 900ppm.  The Hall A cavity bcms show small tails, but the tails look similar between the two runs and therefore aren't being caused by the large Hall C tails.  The Unser monitor is a nice gaussian because its width is naturally so large.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2