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    User name C. C. Chang

    Log entry time 14:24:33 on June30,2004

    Entry number 127521

    keyword=Insertable Half-Wave Plate IN

    We requested MCC to insert Insertable Half-Wave plate; noted the IHWP change in the HAPPEX feedback monitor changed from OUT to IN; ran flipper. After flipper, Hall C IA setpoint was set to a value of -0.611. We then started Run #2561 and noted that the mean value of Hall C BCM asym was about 1001. If we used the formula on white board, the new setpoint value should then be -0.190. When we tried to enter -0.190 in HALL C: IA, it reset to a value of 0.00 (meaning it would not allow a negative value). With Hall C IA now set at 0.000, the mean is about 210. Since we can not enter a negative value, we left the value at 0.000 for Run #2562.

    FIGURE 1