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    User name d. lambert

    Log entry time 22:48:54 on June30,2004

    Entry number 127556

    keyword=profile calibration figures

    Here are the conversion factors for translating channels to inches for the profile scanner position (potentiometer) outputs.  These are in reference to the encoder positions, not the spectrometer daq data, however they offer a good measure of cm, rather than simply channel numbers.  The format is: cm(encoder)=((channel-p0)/p1)
    Right Long:  	p0 = 9.44703e3  error = 8.34251e-2
    	    	p1 = 8.83203e2  error = 3.25639e-3
    Right Short:	p0 = 1.10536e4	error = 9.35415e-2
    		p1 = 1.39802e3	error = 5.95616e-3
    Left Long:	p0 = 9.22437e3	error = 8.76315e-2
    		p1 = 7.75363e2	error = 3.54867e-3
    Left Short:	p0 = 1.11984e4	error = 9.76584e-2
    		p1 = 1.26089e3	error = 6.22244e-3
    These values were drawn from calibration runs 2384 and 2537, and are for the current Hydrogen configuration.