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    User name a-onl

    Log entry time 16:00:39 on August 23, 2004

    Entry number 130097

      You need
    6       ./locks
    242     ./bin/tk4.0
    20      ./bin/tcl7.4
    1954    ./bin
    136     ./scandir
    458     ./xwpick/xwpick-2.20
    2532    ./xwpick
      plus the software in pwd which is pwd = ./src
      the minimal set of software in ./src is
         in halog_25jan01.tar.gz  (see README there).
     Directory is ~me/halog/src  and ./locks
                                     ./bin     etc.........
      Proceed as follows
             pickup both tar files
             mkdir halog
             cd halog
             mkdir src
             untar the tar file halog_all_28feb01.tar
             delete the stuff in pwd (clutter of old junk)
             untar the tar file halog_25jan01.tar.gz and put its stuff in pwd or whatever