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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:35:00 on October 7,2004

    Entry number 133259


    keyword=Event type 120 fixed (probably)

    There was a problem that event type 120 would sometimes
    not show up. This is the "specially inserted" event that
    contains the prescale factors read from the trigger supervisor.
    I have modified ts_scaler_dvcs.crl so that it should insert
    more reliably at start of run (some runs had it, some not), and
    should insert every 10000 events. Will take hold next TS1 reboot.

    The innocuous new lines are:
    In prestart
    < first_flag3 = 1;
    In ts_trig
    < if((ncnt % 10000)==0) first_flag3 = 1;