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    User name Carlos

    Log entry time 21:08:24 on October15,2004

    Entry number 134334


    keyword=Change of configuration : painful

    DVCSMux configuration seems stable once up and running. We changed to DVCSCaloLED for LED scan, then TWOARMS for multifoil and LH2 HRS runs. When trying to get back to DVCSMux to resume DVCS production, I got the following message (from TS1, but I'm not sure):

    dow Board 20 : fa1e0000
    daLogMsg: User Download Executed
    daLogMsg: downloaded
    roc_cleanup: try msgQSend args = 18ECD88.
    daLogMsg: prestarting,run 3753, type 31
    next ROC in token chain is ROC18
    daLogMsg: opening datalink to EB1:adaql2-192.jlab.org
    connect returns file21
    daLogMsg: connected to EB1 (adaql2-192.jlab.org, 36767, file21)
    open_links returned : database query: MSQL server has gone away

    I tried rebooting it, didn't solved the problem. Then I tried rebooting all rocs. Not enough. Then kill coda + reboot all rocs. At this point I got the known error ("") from ROC 18, so I restarted from scratch, trying a DVCS run to "warm it up" (run 3757). I stopped it quickly and changed configuration to DVCSMux. It is now up and running at the usual 100Hz.

    This whole procedure took me around 15min (20:35-20:51). I recommend doing the two-times-a-day special runs at a different time, say 10h-22h, so that the expert is around, and thus avoid the 7am potential problems.