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    User name Carlos

    Log entry time 16:23:56 on November 2,2004

    Entry number 135666

    keyword=Day shift summary

    Shift crew:
    Munoz Camacho

    Shift summary:

    08:00 Shift started with beam in the hall in production mode.

    10:37 MCC called. Magnet problems. Down for about 30min.

    10:39 HRS Pedestal run.

    10:48 DVCS Pedestal run.

    11:08 MMC called. Downtime 45min from now.

    12:37 MCC called : beam should resume shortly

    12:40 Beam back but totally off in Y (-4 mm )
    It looks like they are having trouble with the Compton chicane dipoles.

    12:50 Compton dipole on

    12:52 Beam back. Resuming production.

    13:55 CODA crash. ROC 18 not responding. 9min BANU.

    14:48 MMC called. Problems to deliver beam (power supply failure). Beam off for the rest of the shift.