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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:35:09 on January 8,2005

    Entry number 138531

    keyword=online deadtime calc.

    Online deadtime calculation was revived. This affects two codes.
    The "datamon" GUI should display the deadtime now (type "datamon"
    on adaql2 on a-onl account). The 2nd code is halla_scaler_process.tcl
    which calculates the deadtime for the halog end-run entries.

    In both places I needed to make assumptions about correlations
    between triggers (of course, offline the calculation is straight-
    forward, see the class THaNormAna in the C++ analyzer). The
    assumption is that all T5 are also T1 and T3, but no other correl-
    ations between triggers. Also, I put in the assumptions about
    prescale factors, which is *NEW* to SRC experiment: If ps > max
    then ps = ps%max, except for T6, T7 for which if ps >= max then
    those triggers are disabled. (max = 24 bits for T1-4 and 16 bits
    for T5-8). Make sure you understand this new rule.

    Note, the deadtime at present is ~50%.