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    User name K. Wang

    Log entry time 17:38:54 on January30,2005

    Entry number 140368

    keyword=Q trips and recover Left

    16:15 (1-30)
    Q1, Q3 of HRSL are tripped off
    stop run 2199
    Bogdan is doing diagnostics
    Level of LN2 an He dropped 1 minute ago
    16:30 Controll access, Bogdan needs to work in the Hall
    16:45 Try Q3 power back on when 'Quench OK', but the power
    can not be on. Robert goes inside the Hall.
    16:58 By changing p0 setting, Q3 current is going up.
    17:00 Q1 is powering back.
    17:10 Q3 is back to setting
    17:20 Q1 is back normal, then dipola is back
    17:25 ask for beam permit
    17:35 MCC notice beam being ready
    17:37 start run 2200