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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:15:21 on March 6,2005

    Entry number 140864

    This entry is a followup to: 140859

    keyword=DAQ recovery

    MCC let me take controlled access to investigate the DAQ.
    I found that the L1A to L-arm was double pulsing. I traced
    this to a NIM/ECL on the floor which was being used as a fanout.
    It is usually a bad risk to use a NIM/ECL as a fanout. I changed
    this so that only one channel was involved and it cleaned up
    the double pulsing.

    So, the DAQ should work fine for cosmics checkout.

    Unfortunately, the L-arm retiming is quite marginal. Easy to fix, but
    a bad sign. I will need to do a thorough shakedown of timing on Monday.
    However, it is probably good enough for detector checkout.

    Another problem I had was that "rcServer" wouldn't start.
    It reported "Cannot open broadcast Handler". Once I fixed it
    be restarting msqld, but the 2nd time it happened I decided
    to reboot adaql2.

    I started a cosmics run 2444. Feel free to start/stop runs.