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    User name saw

    Log entry time 11:50:31 on March 07, 2005

    Entry number 140869

    keyword=Pulser into SRC scalers

    Olivier plugged the 104khz pulser into the SRC scalers. It is plugged into the scaler in "slot" 14, as channel 16 (the 17th channel). In the scaler event, this scaler is the 17th word after the header 0xbbab0020.

    There are also two other words useful for checking rates. These are the first and second words after the header 0xbbad0002. The first word is the number of times the vme crate has read the scalers, so it increments every two seconds. The second word is the vxWorks tick counter at the time of the read. This counter runs at 60hz.