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    User name P. Monaghan

    Log entry time 03:43:49 on March 9,2005

    Entry number 140921

    keyword=TECH - Left arm collimator problem

    We were trying to move the left arm collimator from the 6msr position
    to the sieve position but unfortunately, when it failed to move once we applied a high voltage, the collimator failed to move - either up
    or down! All the gui controls appear to work and readback, but the
    collimator does not move when the voltage is applied.

    After discussion with the run coordinator, we called the tech-on-call,
    Mark Stevens, who explained that we had done everything correctly and
    it was going to take an access to check the collimator.

    The run coordinator decided that we would proceed with our current
    runplan as much as possible and then ask for a controlled access in
    the morning (around 8am) so that the tech staff can check the collimator.