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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 01:24:13 on March10,2005

    Entry number 141019

    keyword=HV settings on BigBite

    The HV could be changed only for E and DE detectors.
    The script analyzing the data provided 10dim histograms
    with some recommendation for the amplitude change.
    The AUX detectors were presented only with scatter plots
    on which we could not see any signal.

    In order to change the HV values a couple of scripts were used.
    The location of the scripts as well as the tables of the old
    and new HV values are located in: /adaqfs/adaq/gen/bb/
    The channel are enumerated from 1 to 156
    (all 13 slots in the BB crate)

    dv_bb.0 - initial values

    dv_bb.3 - first useful iterration
    dv_bb.4 - the 2-nd iterration

    One can read the current HV values using a script:

    ./getval.com bb DV

    The files dv_bb.3 was written using:
    ./getval.com bb DV > dv_bb.3

    Then one can:
    cp dv_bb.3 dv_bb.upd.3
    edit dv_bb.upd.3 (one may leave only the channels one wants to update)
    ./setval.com bb DV dv_bb.upd.3 - to upload the voltages to EPICS