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    User name Fatiha

    Log entry time 00:05:23 on March11,2005

    Entry number 141145

    keyword=Shift Summary

    Shift crew: Fatiha Benmokhtar, Ameya Kolarkar, Oleksandr Glamazdin.

    -Set P_left to 3.762 GeV
    -Set P_right to 1.45 GeV
    -Moved right arm to 40 deg.

    -7:45pm Q2 crashed, we asked for controlled access, S. Spiegel
    is going to rest it manually.

    -8:15pm Q2 is back.

    -Reset the Trigger Supervisor of the SRC crates.
    -Started a cosmic run. All looks good.
    -8:40pm Q2 crashed again, we were able to reset it from
    the main control.
    -9:40pm Q2 crashed AGAIN. We reset it.
    -11:45pm Q1 crashed... Q2 followed...
    reset Q2 and struggling with Q1. Hopefully it will work sometime.
    -BigBite HVs tripped.

    -Goes to the next shift