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    User name Ramesh

    Log entry time 05:35:37 on March12,2005

    Entry number 141281


    keyword=Modified adc vs tdc plot

    Attached is the plot for the histogram: T->Draw("(NA.nd.p1.la+NA.nd.p1.ra)*0.5:(NA.nd.p1.lt+NA.nd.p1.rt)*0.25","NA.nd.p1.la>0&&NA.nd.p1.la<2000&&NA.nd.p1.ra>0&&NA.nd.p1.ra<2000&&NA.nd.p1.lt>0&&NA.nd.p1.lt<2000&&NA.nd.p1.rt>0&&NA.nd.p1.rt<2000");

    It has 280 channel near to the leading edge. This was due to the multiplication factor 0.25 in the tdc-part of the variables.

    FIGURE 1