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    User name P. Monaghan

    Log entry time 20:32:11 on March13,2005

    Entry number 141402

    keyword=MCC injector problems

    At around 17:30 this evening, the vacuum problems in the injector which MCC were having yesterday resurfaced again. Beam was off for about 20 minutes until 17:50. Then at 18:50, MCC took the beam away again for 40 minutes to do some more work with the 'injector-on-call' person present. Beam was restored at 19:30. Since then, the beam was tripping very frequently. At about 20:15, MCC informed us that they were only able to deliver a reduced current - about 17uA - due to the injector problems. At 20:25, MCC called again to let us know that they were taking the beam away, probably for about 30 minutes so that the two injector experts now present could do some invasive tests and try to fix the vacuum related problems they were having. Sounds like MCC are having a rough weekend!