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    User name Ramesh

    Log entry time 00:52:19 on March14,2005

    Entry number 141414

    keyword=Protons in BigBite from Carbon

    Following histogram is a preliminary indication of protons in bigbite from Carbon target.The variable being plotted is

    chain.Draw("BB.src.etimep[0]",ct1&&"BB.src.etimep[0]>1500&&BB.src.etimep[0]<2500") ;

    with cuts

    TCut ldp= "L.gold.dp<0.02&&L.gold.dp>-0.05" ;
    TCut lth= "abs(L.gold.th)<0.075";
    TCut lph= "L.gold.ph<0.015&&L.gold.ph>-0.033";
    TCut ly = "L.gold.y>-0.0122&&L.gold.y<.007";

    The data is about 20000k in the so called 40uA beam in unrasterred Carbon. Actual beam seen was about 30uA on the average for the runs (2624,2625,2627,2629-2636) used.

    FIGURE 1