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    User name ran

    Log entry time 09:31:53 on March 15, 2005

    Entry number 141577

    keyword=coinc neutrons TOF in C12

    the attached plot shows the TOF for T5 (triple coic) neutron in the Neutron Array for the C12 production runs.

    the variable ploted is NA.tr.tof the cuts -

    EvtType == 5 abs(CT.ct_2by1-.099e-6)<.2e-8 NA.ntracks==1 NA.tr.energy>0 NA.tr.nhits<3

    L.tr.n==1&&R.tr.n==1 abs(L.tr.tg_dp)<.045&&abs(R.tr.tg_dp)<.045 abs(L.tr.tg_th)<.06&&abs(R.tr.tg_th)<.06 abs(R.tr.tg_ph)<.035&&abs(L.tr.tg_ph)<.035

    + angular cut on relativs theta between pmiss and the neutron detected

    Figure 1