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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:26:43 on March15,2005

    Entry number 141588


    keyword=problems -- S2m, etc

    Run 2693 has no S2m TDCs for Left HRS. Perhaps related to
    the recent access ?

    Also, the analyzer invites us to .x online.C+("bigbite")
    but every single histogram is "not found". But then we found
    that apparently the root file was over-written by someone else,
    it seems for run 2644. This kind of interference should be
    avoided. We double checked L-S2m TDC. They were ok this morning.

    A set of reference histograms would be useful, especially
    for the relatively new detectors.

    Now with lower T7 rate (~0.9 Mhz, prescaled to 15 Hz) the online
    deadtime looks more reasonable.

    Also, note that only T6 and T7 can be turned off by the trick of
    PS=99999. Not a big deal, but someone thought they could turn off T8
    that way, but instead get (PS%65536) = 34463.