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    User name ran

    Log entry time 07:45:02 on March 16, 2005

    Entry number 141640

    keyword=coinc protons from C12

    the attached plot shows the TOF distribution to the E plane (BB.src.etime) for coinc (T5) protons in BigBite for all the C12 production runs so far.

    cuts applied - CT : abs(CT.ct_2by1-.099e-6)<.2e-8

    hrs cuts : L.tr.n==1&&R.tr.n==1&&abs(L.tr.tg_dp)<.045&&abs(R.tr.tg_dp)<.045 abs(L.tr.tg_th)<.06 && abs(R.tr.tg_th)<.06 abs(R.tr.tg_ph)<.035 &&abs(L.tr.tg_ph)<.035

    dE_ADC vs E_ADC graphical cut

    borders of histogramL BB.src.etime>1000 &&BB.src.etime<4000

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: eip@tauphy.tau.ac.il

    Figure 1