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    User name folts

    Log entry time 10:38:25 on March 20, 2005

    Entry number 142006


    trying to make sense of these Q1 trips. I thought it was septum starving it for He so I closed the He return valve to stop flow. this will not effect anything in the system or cause any safety problems. I did it this way because of the leak in the He supply valve.closeing the return valve (while leaving the supply cracked) emptied the magnet of He and appearse to have stopped the flow, however I saw no change in the valve positions in Q1 so only time will tell if it worked. In addition to this I pumped the insulating vacuum on Q1 and started a corralation strip chart on the valve corralations for all of the magnets with the trips on Q1. we intend to pull the septum U tubes tommorow.