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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 17:46:31 on March20,2005

    Entry number 142026

    keyword=SRC ROC5&6 problem, controlled access

    16:20 noticed CODA is stuck at 100K events with full beam current. Kcoda and re-startcoda did not solve the problem (communication to ROC6 dead)

    Tried rebooting ROC6 from the xterminal, it gets stuck in the middle of rebooting; Reseting SRC crate does not work either;

    16:50 called Olivier, couldn't solve the problem on the phone, he is coming in; ROC5 is also not responding after we closed all xterms and "setupxterms".

    17:10 Noticed SRC HV control is blank too;

    17:15 Olivier comes in, decided to reset the crate in the hall;

    17:25- Hall in controlled access, Peter and Olivier went in; please stay tuned;