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    User name ran

    Log entry time 10:05:45 on March 21, 2005

    Entry number 142092

    keyword=neutron tof

    attached is the tof for the n-aray. I am sorry for changing the cuts ,from one entry to the other. I will try to be consistent from now on, as the peak looks like it is indeed survivng the right cuts.

    The variable ploted here is NA.tr.tof (no veto filttering) the number of T5 events - 82,004 after CT && hrs cuts are - 52,145

    the command line used for this histogram is -

    chain.Draw("NA.tr.tof",CT && hrs && "SK.Mrecoil<10.5 && NA.tr.tof>100 && NA.tr.tof<600 && abs(NA.tr.phi)<.08 && NA.tr.firstpad!=0 && NA.tr.energy>0 && NA.tr.nhits<3" )

    Figure 1