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    User name Ramesh

    Log entry time 21:31:27 on March21,2005

    Entry number 142133


    keyword=T5 neutrons

    If this plot is compared with the first histogram of the plot in halog entry 141356 (similar variable's plot for deuterium 4-pass runs)
    we can see that there is some common structure at the channels 300 and 400. If we believe the plot of that halog entry for T5 neutrons from deuterium then there is strong evidence for T5 neutrons in this plot too from Carbon.

    The variable plotted is
    chain.Draw("NA.tr.wov.tof",ct&&"NA.tr.wov.tof>150&&NA.tr.wov.tof<550&&fEvtHdr.fEvtType==5") ;

    with cuts:

    TCutG* mycut = new TCutG("mycut",6);

    TCut ct2by1="CT.ct_2by1*1e9","CT.ct_2by1*1e9>98.6&&CT.ct_2by1*1e9<100.&&L.tr.n==1&&R.tr.n==1&&L.s2.nthit==1&&R.s2.nthit==1" ;

    TCut mrec="SK.Mrecoil>10.255&&SK.Mrecoil<10.32";
    TCut pm= "SK.pmiss>0.25&&SK.pmiss<.4";
    TCut em="SK.emiss>0.015&&SK.emiss<0.12";

    TCut ldp= "abs(L.gold.dp)<0.05";
    TCut lth= "L.gold.th>-0.07&&L.gold.th<0.06";
    TCut lph= "L.gold.ph<0.03&&L.gold.ph>-0.0312";
    TCut ly = "L.gold.y>-0.0075&&L.gold.y<-0.0015";

    TCut rdp= "R.gold.dp>-0.053&&R.gold.dp<0.055";
    TCut rth= "R.gold.th>-0.07&&R.gold.th<0.06";
    TCut rph= "abs(R.gold.ph)<0.033";
    TCut ry = "R.gold.y>-0.001&&R.gold.y<.012";
    TCut adc= "BB.src.tp.de.la>400&&BB.src.tp.de.ra>400&&BB.src.tp.e.la>400&&BB.src.tp.e.ra>400";

    TCut ct=ct2by1&&mrec&&pm&&em&&ldp&<h&&lph&&rdp&&rth&&rph&&ly&&ry;

    As per Eli's suggestion I have removed the portion of pion, delta and other possible junk stuff in two cuts for missing energy and recoil mass and finally have taken into account of missing momentum from 250 to 400 MeV/c.

    This histogram is the result of all C-data in the 2nd run period upto this morning.

    FIGURE 1