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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:14:28 on March22,2005

    Entry number 142173

    keyword=scaler code updated, history ntuple added

    I updated the scaler software in ~adaq/e01015/scaler (as usual,
    see the README file there). A new feature is that tscalhist
    (the code that reads the end-of-run scaler histories) now fills
    an ntuple and puts it in a root file scalerhist.root. A macro
    "hist1.C" plots these, as an example, see fig 1. Plotted are
    the average trigger rates versus run, as well as the average
    beam current on u3 [upstream x3 gain BCM] (in units of uA) per run,
    and accepted triggers per run.
    The avg trig rate is computed by the ratio of the counts to the time
    of the run (e.g. ct1 = counts on T1, so ct1/time = avg rate).
    "ctacc" is the number accepted triggers which is 200K for most runs.
    Have fun with that, and a "designated expert" may feel free to
    modify the code.

    FIGURE 1