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    User name Sirca

    Log entry time 23:42:02 on March23,2005

    Entry number 142267

    keyword=Compton instructions for night shift

    ComptonMonitor.adl is running in a separate workspace on adaql7.
    Leave the strip-charts running.

    Pay attention to Cavity Power which should not drop below 800
    (reads about 1150 without beam). A large decrease in cavity
    power is a sign of bad beam quality. If this happens, the
    laser needs to be switched off (Laser ON/OFF button), or else
    the cavity may get damaged.

    One should also observe the rates in the Electron detector.
    They should be less than 2 kHz per muA of beam for good beam.
    To protect the Compton equipment, do not let more than 5 muA
    beam through the chicane unless the rates are lower than 2 kHz/muA.

    If the electron detector rates are smaller than that limit at
    5 muA, you can increase the current to 40 muA. If you can not
    satisfy that requirement, you need to request the Compton chicane
    to be bypassed, and probably (up to the SL or the RC) accept
    beam of any quality and take data.

    When CODA in the back room stops counting (after 10^6 events),
    the numbers in the ComptonMonitor.adl will not update anymore.
    Go to the back room and start a new CODA run. If it gets stuck,
    restore it by resetting it in a similar way than the usual DAQ CODA
    in the front room.

    (C) Sirish