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    Log entry time 21:24:19 on March26,2005

    Entry number 142506

    keyword=day shift summary [late submission]

    7:45 start of run 2952
    8:00 we continue with data taking with run 2852
    8:34 end of run 2953
    8:35 start of run 2953
    9:40 we lost comunication to ROC5 and then ROC1 after rebooting the two and also TS for right arm, we are back.
    run 2953 did not end succefully.

    9:45 start of run 2954
    10:30 end of run 2954
    10:32 problems with upper HV crate of n-array, try remote-reboote, problem solved.
    11:01 start of run 2955
    12:23 end of run 2955
    11:10 MCC called beam is going down for few minutes
    11:40 beam is back
    13:00 SRC vme (ROC5) was dead ( only indication was no ADC in the data stream - no adc in replay GUI). might have been like this since the last reboot, we need to check. remote - reboot did not help.asked MCC for controled access, physical reboot seemed to work.
    13:20 ask beam back
    13:28 beam is back
    13:33 start of run 2962
    14:11 end of run 2962
    14:11 start of run 2963

    good production runs for this shift are-