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    User name ran

    Log entry time 07:24:36 on March27,2005

    Entry number 142537

    keyword=T5 protons

    the attached plots show the E plane time.
    the first plot is for the old kinematics (all runs during march)
    the second plot shows the same thing for all the new kinematics (high pmiss)

    command line used -
    chain->Draw("BB.src.etime",CT && hrs && AUX4 && "CUTG && BB.src.etime>1000 && BB.src.dEa>250 ")

    whee CT is cut on coinc time
    hrs is an acceptance cut for the two hrs,
    AUX4 is a cut on Etime-Atime region
    CUTG is a graphical on the histogram E(adc) vs Phit (momentum by hit pos)