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    User name sawatzky

    Log entry time 23:59:29 on March27,2005

    Entry number 142608

    keyword=Shift/Run Summary

    Beam: 40 uA, 4.627 GeV
    LHRS: 19.5 deg, 3.724 GeV/c
    RHRS: 35.8 deg, 1.420 GeV/c
    BB: 99 deg, 0.9321 Tesla
    NA: 99 deg

    2995 200k, good run, continued from last shift
    2996 209k, good run
    2997 104k, partly good run, bad beam during last 10-15 min., stopped early when neutron arm HV crate died.
    2998-3000 JUNK, BB QDCs not initializing correctly
    3001-3002 Test runs after reseting VME crate
    3003 198k, good run
    3004 207k, good run
    3005 203k, good run
    3006 209k, good run
    3007 206k, good run
    3008 hand over to next shift

    1630 Compton stripchart elec, gamma rates flat-lined. Stopped the compton run and did a 'coda reboot'. All is well.
    1830 Noted rate fluctuations in Compton strip charts, contacted MCC and asked them to take a look at beam quality.
    1835 Neutron Arm HV crate died. Couldn't recover from upstairs, requested controlled access to manual reset crate.
    1905 Back from resetting crate, requested beam.
    1918 Beam is back
    1925 BB QDCs not initializing correctly. Requested access to power cycle VME crate.
    1950 Asked for beam
    2005 Beam is back, started run
    0000 Hand over to next shift...

    Shift Crew:
    Brad Sawatzky
    Kebin Wang