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    User name Ramesh

    Log entry time 13:35:25 on March30,2005

    Entry number 142797

    keyword=Reason for peak at 400 channel

    I took a test run while the right dipole was ramping up and Riad was doing his Lumi test. The run 3072 had no T1 (and of course no T5 too). The following histograms for the variable
    T->Draw("TC_n.ntof","TC_n.ntof>150&&TC_n.ntof<600"); (fig 1)

    T->Draw("TC_n.ntof","TC_n.ntof>150&&TC_n.ntof<600&&fEvtHdr.fEvtType==3"); (fig 2)

    show a nice peak at about 400 channel. This is the same peak that never wants to vanish when we try to see TRIPPLES in neutron arm.

    There were no cuts applied other than those that show up in the command line itself.

    I would suppose that the peak is simply due to (e,e') events.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2