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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 16:25:09 on July14,2005

    Entry number 148023

    keyword=HAPPEX DAQ in Counting House

    To provide a persistent answer to the recurring question "Is anyone using the 
    HAPPEX DAQ?", I have started the HAPPEX DAQ interface in the Counting House.  
    Since we expect to keep shift manned from this point on, I ask that anyone 
    needing the integrating DAQ to be run elsewhere (i.e. debugging in spectrometer 
    hut or beam studies at MCC) should inform the shift crew of this.  The shift 
    crew should hang a sign on the adaql1 terminal in the counting house noting 
    this fact.  When work is done, the DAQ GUI should be restored to the adaql1