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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 01:21:34 on July16,2005

    Entry number 148120

    keyword=profile scanner checks

    With UMass crew (Kirsten, Peter, Jason, Keith)
    Run 2057, we moved X,Y and look for correlations to triggers & VDC.
    Move L-arm X in positive direction events up to 4000.
    Move R-arm X+ 10k -> 15k
    Move L-arm Y+ 18k -> 23k
    Move R-arm Y+ 27k -> 30k
    Moving both to ~middle 37k -> 44k
    Then up to 50K events and beyond we stay in the "middle".
    This was promising -- we see ADC spectra that looks ok, etc.
    But scalers update at only 0.25 Hz, so we went too fast.
    Next, a series of runs with only Qsq scanner trigger, and
    only one position each run.
    Run ..... Left Position (x,y) ..... Right (x,y)
    2058 ..... 20, 27 ............. 20, 27 ... saw no rate in scalers
    Now we see no rate. Will do a scan to find the particles.
    In the meantime, fig 1 shows for one arm the L-arm X-Y distribution
    for all triggers and fig 2 for the L-arm scanner trigger when
    it worked and when it was parked in one spot. R-arm is similar.
    It picks out one small spot.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2