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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 02:40:20 on July16,2005

    Entry number 148135

    keyword=Qsq scans, also helicity errs

    Doing a Qsq during spectrometer run 2059 and HAPPEX run 3624.
    This time the scan rate is rather slow (will take ~15 min).
    Note, previous HAPPEX run 3623 was a "fast" scan.

    Problem: panguin reports a large number of helicity errors.

    In scalers:
    R-arm Qsq scanner rate has become extremely low.
    L-arm Qsq scanner peaks at 200 Hz as we scan through peak.

    In HAPPEX DAQ: Very small signal in L-arm, nothing in R-arm.
    But we figure that with the present thin target we are down by
    probably 2 orders of magnitude from "normal", so this is nothing
    to panic about.

    In spectr. DAQ, it is observed that the V2F signals for X,Y
    move about in a reasonable way (both arms).
    The L-arm ADC amplitude looks ok, but the R-arm has "died" since
    when we did our first run. It was working earlier !

    Scanning test is finished.