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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 09:55:11 on July17,2005

    Entry number 148301

    keyword=helicity errors not fixed with integrate time!

    I modified the integrate gate to be 12000 for all crates, then 10000. In the 
    past, we saw that this appeared to cure the frequent helicity errors, which was 
    why we decided that the board was varying the output gate length.
    The problem was not fixed.  Runs 3652 (integrate time = 12000) and
    3653 (integrate time = 10000) still have missing pair synch errors!
    This makes me very worried about the hardware now that we are about to run. Is 
    it possibly a deadtime issue on the vme board?  This is a serious issue which 
    must be debugged.