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    User name Wilson TO

    Log entry time 21:19:10 on July17,2005

    Entry number 148380

    keyword=target trouble

    target fan went off about 20.17
    the alarm went so I turned the fan on again.   time delay before turning the 
    fan on is unclear - about 30 seonds.
    Then I noticed the heater power went from its usual 270 to about 900.
    The target pressure also dropped below normal and set an alarm.
    In retrospect the He gas must have vented when the fan went off.
    Then as we were calling JP Chen I made the mistake of turning off the heater -  
    I should have switched it to manual and reduced the cooling (closed the JT 
    valve).  This accentuated the overcooling.  Hopefully there was no leak of air 
    or anything to solidify and block the pipes
    At 21.15 JP is in the hall trying to fill.
    Hopefully there is some He nearby.