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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 22:00:29 on July18,2005

    Entry number 148525


    keyword=new pedestals (rough)

    I fit beam-off pedestals for detectors, flumis, and blumis from Run 3676. Using 
    these, I fit the bcm pedestals from the rough current ramp in run 3656. These 
    pedestals were recorded in the file ped_July18.txt, and were used to modify all 
    db files from 3650-3677 (current). The pedestal templates were modified to 
    include these pedestals in future db files.
    We should probably try to re-analyze boiling studies, etc, with the hope that 
    we will cut down on bcm noise, etc.
    I don't believe that the beam off pedestals are the correct ones for the 
    detectors better than a few hundred channels.  This is based on plotting 
    detectors against each other, and seeing the intercepts often wrong by a few 
    hundred channels.  This would correspond to 2-4% pedestal errors for 20k ADC 
    #Beam off Pedestals from Run 3676
    det1r 4470
    det3r 4464
    blumi1r 4443
    blumi2r 4383
    blumi3r 4465
    blumi4r 4365
    blumi5r 4426
    blumi6r 4454
    blumi7r 4311
    blumi8r 4472
    flumi1r 4508
    flumi2r 4351
    #Pedestals from Run 3656
    bcm3r 3914
    bcm1r 4231
    bcm2r 4072