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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 22:22:11 on July18,2005

    Entry number 148530

    This entry is a followup to: 148525

    keyword=quality of new pedestals

    The "quality" of these new bcm pedestals may be observed in the following 
    plots.  Below I show the double difference vs. charge asymmetry for bcms 1 - 3, 
    then 1 - 2.   There are apparent 1-2% pedestal errors between the bpms here.  
    This is not noticibly better than the what was seen before I went throught this 
    Another criteria, possibly more sensitive, is double difference, especially at 
    low current.  So, for Run 3663, event <10000, bcm3 is about 10k channels.  The 
    double difference width before the new pedestals was 360 ppm, now it is 338 
    ppm.  Hardly seems worth all the trouble.

    FIGURE 1