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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 19:31:46 on July20,2005

    Entry number 148748

    keyword=phase advance, plus weird raster pattern

    Checked phase advance for new optics. I'm surprised by the results: it looks 
    like bpm4Ax is now possibly very near a focus?  (Figure 1)
    Also compare to log entries 
    7 (new optics) and 14873
    5 (before tonight's tweak of 1C20 and 1H01 quads).  How can the "bedposts" 
    disapper (the new optics, in x). We always claimed that they were intrinsic to 
    measurment of this fast raster.  Its hard to understand how the optics can 
    affect this.

    FIGURE 1