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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 20:41:15 on July20,2005

    Entry number 148766

    keyword=detector weight defaults in .db template

    I set default detector weights based on the detector widths and rates in run 
    3697, which was 7x7 raster and 10 uA.  Det1 is 85% of Det3.
    I added default blumi weights as well, but on those all are weighted the same. 
    (The weights for these are all pretty similar.)
    These weights have been added to the .db templates for happex and happex_min 
    configurations. I modified all .db files from 3650 onward for this change, as 
    So, asym_n_det_lo and asym_n_blumi_sum should now be useful. Don't forget to 
    add them to your control.conf for regression!