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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 00:34:01 on July21,2005

    Entry number 148817

    This entry is a followup to: 148806

    keyword=Qsq Scanner VDC calibration results

    Results of runs 2188 to 2190 to calibrate the Qsq scanner
    versus VDCs:

    We plot the VDC X-Y position versus for the Qsq scanner trigger
    T5 on R-arm, T6 on L-arm.

    For the L-arm, there is a clear correlation and the spot moves
    when its supposed to. One funny thing is it seems that what the
    VDC folks call "X" the Qsq scanner folks call "Y". But now I
    realize this is ok because in Qsq-scanner-speak, Y is the "long"
    axis which is the dispersive axis. See fig 1.

    For the R-arm, there was only one run (2189) for which the
    ADC amplitude was appreciably above pedestal, as noted in a
    previous halog 148806. Only in that run (2189) is there a clear
    correlation to VDCs, see fig 2. I don't know what's wrong with
    R-arm but the two choices are: 1) The position is on the edge
    of where particles go (unlikely but I'm too tired to prove it),
    or 2) The detector is flakey and "comes and goes" (my guess).

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2