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    User name R. Feuerbach

    Log entry time 20:49:46 on July 21, 2005

    Entry number 148957

    keyword=Runplan July 21 (2)

    Run Plan

     E00-114 Run Plan July 21

    Jul 21, 20:16, Rob Feuerbach, Run Coordinator (pager 584-7254)

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    1. Complete Pb-target test
    2. Production running until tomorrow morning.
    3. Friday at 10am, we will have a controlled access to work on the Compton.

    Pb-target test (for posterity since the test is almost finished)

    In HAPPEX DAQ mode.:

    1. Establish 2uA beam, EMPTY target, Raster at 7x7, BPMA(1.6,0), BPMB(-1.4,0).
    2. Insert the BeO target, RASTER OFF and identify where the beam is on the target. Ask for larger current if necessary to see the spot. Please draw a spot on the screen.

      Pb target tests. SWEEPER OFF.

    3. RASTER ON to 5x5. Verify with spot++.
    4. Insert Pb target. Ask for 5uA. Set detector HV appropriate for 5uA up to 13uA.
    5. Do a current scan. Take a separate HAPPEX run for beam currents of 1uA, 5uA, and +2uA steps to the highest possible. KEEP SEPTUM TEMPERATURE BELOW 7.75K. Record the asymptotic Septum coil temperatures. LOG the StripChart showing beam current, position, and coil temperatures.
    6. Repeat 5, but with a raster size of 7x7.
    7. At 5uA (or highest achieved beam current), turn the SWEEPER ON to 111A.
    8. With a raster size of 5x5, do a position scan with the SWEEPER ON.
      1. Establish position with beam current of 1uA.
      2. Once established, increase to 5uA and record the asymptotic septum coil temperatures.
      3. The points are ( keeping BPMA close to (1.4,0.) ).
        1. BPMB ( -1.6, 0 )
        2. BPMB ( -1.6, +1 )
        3. BPMB ( -1.6, +2 )
        4. BPMB ( -0.5, 0 )
        5. BPMB ( 0.5, 0 )
        6. BPMB ( 1.0, 0 )
    9. Raster to 7x7, verify with spot++.
    10. Switch to He4 target, 5uA, SWEEPER ON at 111A, Fan speed 60Hz, RASTER 7x7. Take a HAPPEX run.

    Production settings


    General Tasks:

    Please log below (and in the HALOG) any unusual observations and problems solved
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