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    User name Peter L

    Log entry time 21:18:57 on July21,2005

    Entry number 148958

    keyword=Septum heating Pb run 2x2

    This shows the 5x5 vs the 2x2 rastor and the septum heating.  The peak on the 
    left is 5x5, the middle is 7x7 and the far right is 2x2.  As far as I could 
    tell there was no noticible maximum current change between the 5x5 and 2x2.  
    Both topped out between 8.5uA and 9uA.  We decided no to stay with the 7x7 
    because due to current optics the 7x7 setting is very close to that of the 5x5 
    according to spot++ and we are not able to bring up the rastor any more.  The 
    MCC settings max out at 14x14.

    FIGURE 1