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    User name Peter L

    Log entry time 22:34:04 on July21,2005

    Entry number 148978

    keyword=Pb Position Scan

    Pb Position Scan
    Run   BPMA     BPMB  Temp  Beam
    3746  1.6,0  -1.4,0  7.31  4.6uA
    3747  1.6,0  -1.4,1  7.30  4.6uA
    3748  1.6,0  -1.4,2  7.4+  4.6uA
    3749  1.6,0  -1.4,0  7.33  5.2uA
    3750  1.6,0  -.5,0   7.33  5.2uA
    3751  1.6,0  0.5,0   7.33  5.2uA
    3752  1.6,0  1.0,0   7.33  5.2uA
    Below the beam position test begins at -45min.
    The strip chart below shows that the septum heating is dependent on the y 
    position and not x.  The maroon line is the Y and the green is the X.  This 
    measurement proved difficult for two reasons: Every time I ask MCC for 5uA they 
    give 5uA+/- .5uM.  Therefore I could not keep it constant unless I moved the 
    beam at 5uA.  Also if I powered down to 1uA between moves I would lose the 
    current septum temp which would take an additional 10min of beam time to 
    recover.  This was the only reasonable way to not spend all night on this.

    FIGURE 1