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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 21:21:29 on July22,2005

    Entry number 149061

    keyword=new beamline optics: very close

    Phase advance looks quite good in the horizontal, but has disappeared in the 
    vertical.  The raster size is very good, and the Compton background is very, 
    very low.  Overall, this is very encouraging.  We are hoping that Jay can find 
    a way to bring a little vertical phase advance back.  We are very close to 
    Incidentally, the beta function change at target looks like it will serve us 
    very well.  The position difference jitter for bpm4bx is only a few micron.  
    The large position differences we observed last night will probably still be 
    visible, but this time probably as angle differences.

    FIGURE 1